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Look for a local garden club to learn more about arranging from those who have been doing it!  There are also floral design schools from whom you can take classes.

Check the learning links page for websites that will help you locate one.

There are many paths to follow in learning about flower arranging. Even if you don't seek formal training, you will want to know some basics to make it easier and more fun for you.

Follow the links below to learn more about the various aspects of design.

Types of Arrangements

  • Line and Line Mass

  • Mass

  • Creative

  • Miniatures and Petites

  • Fruits and Vegetables

see more detail at Types page

The Arranged for you...

Flower Arranging
Starter Kit

Great for yourself or for a gift.

There are many design aids available to help you. Floral foam is available in many shapes and sizes, colors and forms, that make designing an attractive arrangement so much easier.  Want to have an arrangement for your front door? 

          Try using a Floracage® from Oasis®.

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