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Designer Don Chestnut teaches both amateurs and professionals about floral design. He recently demonstrated the creation of a cornucopia for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and has given us permission to show you how he did it.  Don is a designer with Carithers Florists of Distinction in Atlanta, GA, where their Dutch flower market offers fresh materials for your design.


          Let it spark some holiday creativity at your house!
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1.) Don started by placing a tray on the lip of the vine cornucopia and filling it with soaked floral foam for fresh flowers. 2.) He then created a cage effect by carefully placing fresh, supple, curly willow branches, and tying one down to the end of the cornucopia with bindwire.
3.) Seeded eucalyptus provided a foliage floor for the design. 4.) Bittersweet and pyracantha berries added color to the arrangement.
5.) Permanent fruit was secured with two cocktail skewers each to positively position the additions. 6.) Yarrow, daisy chrysanthemums, colorful small peppers on their own stems, and dark millet were added.
7.) A touch of purple loosestrife added a surprising color contrast.

Don suggests having all material come from a central focal point and flow outward. Group types of flowers to give them impact rather than spreading them around. Maintain balance by arranging groups.

Buy a cornucopia and try your hand at creating a holiday masterpiece.

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