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Chinese New Year - Celebrate with Flowers

Nandina substitutes for real bamboo and a peony-flowered mum substitutes for the real thing in winter.

What a good excuse to plan a Winter event!

You don't have to be Chinese to celebrate with friends and it is a good pick-me-up from the winter-after-holiday blahs.

Invite friends to join you at a Chinese restaurant where you have reserved a table or room to decorate.   Order family style to share an assortment of Chinese treats.  Decorate with paper dragons or lanterns, a red tablecloth, and flower arrangements. Bring along fortunes to share.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of the Water Snake

Flower Arrangements

Arrangements can be simple. Choose material that evokes a Chinese feeling.  Bamboo or heavenly bamboo (nandina).  Peonies are hard to come by in Winter, but you can use peony-flowered mums. Keep table arrangements low or transparent so they don't interfere with conversation.

Print Chinese images from the internet to add decorative touches.  This banner says "Peace and Happiness".  Bindwire makes perfect lashing for the bamboo.

Choose appropriate decorations for the year. January 26, 2009 starts the Year of the Ox.

Learn about the holiday

A good website to learn more about the holiday is

Here you can learn about traditions and see graphics that will inspire your decorations. 

Check the Chinese Lunar Calendar to see what animal dominates your birth year and what it means.  The Chinese say this is the "animal that lives in your heart."

Share the information with your guests.  It's sure to start conversations before the food arrives.

A Chinese New Year meal for the family could include small floral arrangements made to reflect the animal of each member's birth year. 

Use Mini-Decos to create place card arrangements in miniature that each family member can take home.Mini-Decos make place card arrangements simple. click to enlarge

Fold small envelopes from red construction paper to hold fortunes for your guests.  You can find fortunes by searching online or make up your own.

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