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A touch of Apple Green Sisal turns this bouquet into an arrangement!


Use floral wires to strengthen weak stems.

  • You can string the wire through a hollow stem.

  • Wrap the end of a wire around a pencil to make a small loop. Then lay the wire next to the stem and place the top of the stem inside the wire loop.

  • Did you break the stem or snap off the flower? You can repair most by placing a small piece of wire inside the stem and then inserting it into the broken stem piece or flower.  It won't last as long as the others, but if you need it...

Don't wait to see the new decorative wires.
Bullion wire in 9 colors adds a haze of shine to your arrangements!  Decorative aluminum wire is malleable and available in 8 different snazzy colors. Imagine the possibilities. Go and see the new colors.

Beaded Wire is the latest addition to the OASIS line of decorative wires,

Click on the product thumbnails in the showroom to see examples of designs using these wires.


Colored Sisal

Nothing is easier to use to add texture and interest to any arrangement.

Ten colors:        

  • gold

  • blue

  • lilac

  • dark green

  • aubergine

  • silver

  • apple green

  • strong pink

  • red

  • natural

  • Sisal comes in a compact bag for $9.49. Then you volumize it!  You take a piece of sisal from the bag and pull it like pizza dough and fluff it like a pillow and the volume grows before your eyes. One bag will serve for lots of arrangements and you can even recapture the sisal when the arrangement has gone by and use the filler again!

    Try a bag! 

    The Arranged for you... Starter Kit

    Great for yourself or for a gift.

    2" needlepoint floral frog
    1-1/2" pincup
    Precision Pruner
    Full-brick design tray
    Third-brick design tray
    Ten 2 1/2" wired picks
    Floral Tape green 1/4" x 60 ft.
    Stem Wrap green 1/2" x 30 yards
    10 grams floral conditioner
    5x green water tubes
    Storage Case
    Includes a bonus item of my choice.

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